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Update 2023


Right now...

The group process of La Cuerpa has already led to beautiful friendships through sharing amazing adventures and intimate moments. A common summer base and living together in the north of Switzerland and even a 4 days dance event in Ticino. 

And we even found a very amazing potential LAND. That we can not stop thinking about.


But right now, the other people of the group are still not sure if they really want to live in this region south of the alps.

Nevertheless, we (Jana and David) want to keep going in this direction. 

And even though the dream of a big community project is very alive, we are willing as well  to start a bit "smaller" with renting a HOUSE.


So, we are looking for both. Trying to find some people for renting together already short term or founding a place together long term :) 

rent HOUSE

We are looking for "young" alternative people (20-45y) that want to live with us in a co-housing/shared flat/ small community place in Ticino or very close to the border in Italy.

Joining an existing one, or if necessary, finding a new one together.

We are interested to rent from April 2023 onwards and very very latest from 1st of September 2023 onwards.  Even if the bigger community project starts to happen soonish, we would be happy to commit at least for a year to rent together. We are not interested in just splitting rent, but living together. Sharing meals and jokes and inspiring each other.


buy LAND

We found an amazing potential land, very close to the CH-border, which would be perfect for a community project. But we are missing people, wanting to be active in the process of buying and founding.

The place is above Lago di Lugano (600 meters a.s.l) in the direction of Porlezza. 15 mins by car from the swiss border. The place is around 1 hectare. It has 2 houses already and an allowance to build more. It has a lot of sun, even in winter for 6 hours. It has its own dwell/spring. It has terraces. Able to access with a car, asphalt road. Electricity. Surrounded by nature outside of the village. And, what is very special: it is touristic/commercial land and due to this, we would be able to have all type of tiny houses legal!!

We know this valley since several years, we have visited the place and talked with the owner multiple vice and we are in contact with the agency, which is selling it.

We are looking for people that want to buy this place with us and create a community place there.

We would like to be a group of at least 5 people, including us, founding this together. 

In the rest of the homepage you can get a rough idea of our interests and visions, we started to develop with the group, but we are very open to include ideas of new people and form a new vision together!


We know that it is a bit crazy to look for "new" people for such a big project, but the place has so much potential, that we really feel it is worth trying!


And: We are crazy about this land, but if you already have one, just inherited from your grandmother in the heart of the valle maggia and you want to give it to us. YES!



The place costs 375.000.

We don't have the money to buy it, but we already found somebody to lend us the amount necessary to start the buying process. We would like to use a financing model used by a lot of other community projects, which assures, that we will not depend on members with a large amount of money and it as well helps to prevent power-imbalances through different financial resources. But it will need effort from the group to creat this.

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