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We will write a Newsletter from time to time to keep you updated. We will use this Email-Newsletter aswell to inform you as soon as there is a possibility to join actively in the project.

Thank you !

Support the Project

We would be very happy to receive financial or infrastructural support. 

We are looking for land to buy or rent in the region between Lago di Maggiore and Lago di Como/ Lago di Garda. If you can help us with that task, please get in touch with the form below. 

As soon as we have found a potential place, we will need money to develop the infrastructure. If you would like to support us financially, please get in touch with the form below. 

Co-Create the Project

If this al resonates with you and you feel that you want to co-create this with us and putting your energy in this project; YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME <3
In our understanding we are not in a phase were it is possible to simply "join" la Cuerpa, because we are not at a point where it clear what acutely to join; we understand it more as a "co-create" in the sense that we are still in the process of crafting and creating la Cuerpa, so it needs initiative! 



We are very aware that for founding a place together and even for "just" living together in a shared house, we will need to meet and get to know each other and find out if the connection feels good for both sides!


REGION: We love this region. But its not a paradise for everyone. Before you contact us, please make sure you also like it a lot and want to live there, or -better- you are already living there. It is not an alternative hotspot. The main language is italian. The weather is amazing but it can still be cold in winter and rainy in spring and summer and autumn. As always, you will need - at least- some money to live there. 


RESOURCES: La Cuerpa is still mainly a vision. And it will take time and resources to make it reality. Please only contact us, if you want this: Putting your time and energy in creating something. There is not a ready community place that you could joyn. 

The same goes for the House Renting, except you already have one with free rooms :) 


VISION: We want to create ourselves a home. And a place for projects of artistic expression and connection with nature. A place that allows a diversity of people to nourish and inspire each other.

Most community places focus all their energy on one of the following: 

  • self sufficiency

  • generating an income for the members

  • guest and seminar house

  • one common (more or less dogmatic) spiritual approach

  • personal growth


We would prefer, that the people who like to have a big garden. Do this garden. And the ones that would like to organize a workshop, do this. And the ones who meditate, feel free to do so.

Coexisting and inspiring each other. 

Having as common interests creative expression, connection with nature, personal growth and a daily life with good food and warm hugs. Developing rituals and projects together without forcing it.

So if you feel like doing this with us, bringing your self in with your dreams and ideas please write us and tells about it!


 Contact us

Thanks for submitting!

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